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Is it OK to call a guy you never heard from after a one night stand encounter?

by Sarah Smart

December 23, 2018

Q.  Last month, I met a great guy at a party. We went out one time, and had an evening that involved intimacy, but he never called again.  We made a connection and I know it.  I’m certain he misplaced my number because he seemed too impressed not to call.  Do you think it would be stupid to track him down  and ask why I have not heard from him?   My friends all say leave it alone. But, I believe it was Fate that we met.

A.  I think you have nothing to lose.  Just make sure you have your big girl panties on and your ego in check just in case he is no longer as thrilled as you are and expresses it.  But on the positive side, he may be injured for some reason or other and unable to call.

Q.  If a woman’s best friend is flattered by the flirtatious comments of another woman’s boyfriend, in her presence, to the point of returning the flirtation, what should the injured party do? Should she check her friend or the boyfriend?

A.  Any woman who is obviously flattered by the advances of another woman’s man in her presence, is not a friend, and deserves a swat with a flogging stick, particularly, if she knows the extent of the relationship. There are two types of women who respond favorably to the inappropriate comments of a “taken” man in the presence of his companion.  One who seldom gets attention and one who never gets enough.  But the man who would flirt openly with another woman is not worth the time it would take to check him.  What should the offended party do?  Leave them both to enjoy each other.  If you’re still with him, you also deserve a few swats.

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