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After my date let me leave his home at 2 in the morning alone, I dumped him and everyone thinks I’m over-reacting. 

by Sarah Smart

February 22, 2018

Q.  Recently, I was at the home of a guy I really like who had cooked dinner for me. The evening was wonderful until the end.  It was 2:00 in the morning, and he had fallen asleep on the couch.  When I woke him to tell him I was leaving, he simply waved goodbye, without getting up and escorting me to the door or to my car.  I was angry over his behavior and expressed it the next day when he called.  He apologized, but was “disappointed” in my attitude after he had fixed such a lovely meal.  His actions completely turned me off, and I don’t want to see him again.  Everyone thinks I’m over-reacting.  What do you think?

A.  No one can set your principles but you.  What we accept and don’t accept is personal.  Everyone may feel that you’re over-reacting, because we live in a society where too many women often overlook relationship infractions from guys that shouldn’t be overlooked.  I say, do you and that means do what you feel is best for you, and no one can determine that but you.   Hold out for the one who treats you like you want to be treated.

Q.  I am dating my ex-wife’s girlfriend, and have been for the last eight months.  I have been divorced for three years without any pressure in my life, and now it’s back.  My ex-wife’s sister is getting married in a few weeks and my girlfriend insists on attending with me in tow.  But I don’t want to go, because I don’t want to flaunt our relationship in my ex-wife’s face.  However, at this point, I’ve been given an ultimatum…either I go or she’s gone.  She thinks I still care for my ex-wife.  What would you do?

A.  What’s important to you.  Your wishes, your feelings or your girlfriend?  Do you care enough about her to compromise?  Then do it!  Personally, after a three year divorce, I wouldn’t care.  Odds are, she probably knows anyway.

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