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I love my boyfriend, but I don’t like the way he treats me in public.

by Sarah Smart

April 4, 2018

Q.  I love my boyfriend, but he insists on introducing me as a“friend”  whenever we’re in public and I hate it.  When we argue about it, he says he’s too old. (He’s 37) to be referring to someone as his girlfriend.  To him, that’s a term for teenagers.  When I suggested  he refer to me as his woman, he said that word wasn’t his “style”.  (He’s an attorney, who is very image-conscious). I feel reduced and embarrassed every time he says it and he refuses to compromise.  The issue has become so bad that lately he tries to avoid introducing me at all when we’re in social settings. What would you do?

A.  Well, love is a compromise, and your boyfriend seems to care more about his image or style than your feelings.  If it were me, I wouldn’t place myself in a position again to be referred to as anyone to him, until he changed his “style.”  It’s all in what’s important to you.  I would simply boycott until he saw the light.  In other words, I wouldn’t go out with him again in public.

Q.  I recently went on a blind date with a beautiful woman.  But after a few moments of sitting next to her, the perfume she was wearing began to make me feel nauseated.  So much so, I had to cut the evening short.  I claimed a sudden illness and took her home.  The problem is  I feel she needs to know about the horrible scent of her perfume, but I certainly can’t tell her because I don’t want to insult her.   When she called the next day to check on me, I knew she liked me, but I would never go near her again unless she changed her scent.  Got any ideas?

A.  Yes…send her a cute miniature bottle of a fragrance  you like, and a fancy note apologizing for your abrupt exit.  Then give her another chance, ask her out and see if she’s wearing it.  I guarantee you, she will be.

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