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by Sarah Smart

July 10, 2019

Q.   A year ago, my boyfriend proposed, but claimed he didn’t have the money to buy me a ring.  He asked me to buy my engagement ring, and said he would reimburse me later.  Out of excitement and against my better judgment, I bought a ring I couldn’t really afford.  Since that time, he’s called off the engagement and is refusing to reimburse me for the purchase of the ring.  I want to take him to court and try to get my money back, but everyone says I don’t have a case, and that I would look ridiculous.  What do you say?

A.   You can certainly try your luck in small claims court.  You have nothing to lose, and you might have a case.  Meanwhile, I suggest you wear the ring, but don’t ignore or forget the lesson.

Q. I’m one of those nice guys who’s seriously contemplating marrying a woman who I don’t really believe loves me.  She has two kids, who I adore, but I think she’s trying to build a secure future financially for her and her kids by marrying me.  My gut tells me she still has feelings for the kid’s father.  However, my problem is that my decision to back out is being held up by the promise I made to her kids, who I hate to disappoint.  I love her, but my instincts tell me I’m walking into trouble.  What do you think I should do?

A.   Follow your instincts.  They are seldom wrong.  Our instinct is our internal warning system.  Your promise to her kids won’t keep you sane, if you marry her and end up miserable.  Believe me, they will get over it.

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