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My married boyfriend, who is currently separated, refuses to take me around his family.

by Sarah Smart

August 24, 2018

Q.  I am dating a married man, who is currently separated from his wife.  We are in love, and planning to get married when he gets a divorce.  However, we have a problem.  His sister is getting married, and I want to go to the wedding, but he doesn’t want to take me because his wife is going to be there.  He thinks it would be disrespectful to her and his family, and I think it’s unfair to me because we’re a couple.  He thinks I’m being selfish.  What do you think?

A.  Ever heard of discretion?  Here is where it would come into play. I agree you’re displaying a very selfish and self-centered attitude.  I also think you need to cool out and let this event pass you by.  Your presence there could hardly be considered a class act.  Be assured, If he’s committed to you, he’ll come back to you after the wedding is over.

Q.  Three months ago, my sister was stood up at the altar by a guy who eloped to Mexico with someone else.  Since then, she has quit her job, moved back home with our parents and refuses to talk about what happened to her.  The only thing she does is read, and your magazine is her favorite reading.  Please advise her, (The Singles Scene is her favorite feature) on how to get over the hurt.  She seems to have given up on life.

A.  A blow to the heart (which is at the center of our souls) can be devastating. But time and common reasoning are great healers.  First, she has to get over the feeling that she is not valuable, because she was rejected.  In essence, the stars smiled upon her because she was blocked from experiencing the pain of being with someone who didn’t love her.  Rejection does not mean personal invalidation.  It only means that the two people involved were not meant to be together.  I would suggest she seek counseling from either her pastor or other professional help, because talking about the hurt helps the pain go away.

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