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by Sarah Smart

Q. Do you think that a guy could really be into you emotionally, and compliment every woman he sees in your presence?  It really comes off like flirting and I think it’s disrespectful.  But he insists that he’s just being “friendly” and I’m displaying jealousy when I object to his behavior.  Would you continue to date him if you were in my shoes?

A.    No…and neither should you if you feel disrespected.

Q.    I became engaged last month, and a few days later, I received a phone call from a woman saying she too was engaged to my fiancé.  When I confronted him about it,  he snapped in denial and insisted that he’d never heard of the woman.  But I didn’t believe him.  So I set a trap for him at a restaurant and I had the woman there.  When he walked in and saw us there together, he turned and ran out the door.  He called me later and explained that the woman was an ex-girlfriend turned stalker and that he lied about knowing her because he didn’t want to discuss it.  But I don’t believe him.  What do you think?   

A.      I think you ought to run too, but in the opposite direction.

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