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From The Male Room
Unspoken Thoughts

Stephen- 28:  “Many guys behave rottenly in relationships because it’s so widely accepted.   If a guy is seeing three women, there is usually one who he holds above the others, because she commands certain treatment.”

Kent- 31:  “Yeah.  She’s the one who refuses to accept disappointment after disappointment, disrespectful behavior, and less than desirable actions to continue or get out of hand.  And she is usually the one he can’t get off his mind.  I just wish more women understood this before they label some of us dogs.”

Jonah- 30:  “No man should settle or attempt to be content in a relationship unless he feels the majority of his needs are being met.  As men, we are too often viewed as players because we opt more often than women, to exercise our right to seek out multiple partners.  This is usually done in our search for relative perfection, as it relates to what we want in a woman.”

Cody- 44:  “Men are often labeled as fickle by women. The funny thing about women is that they are far choosier than men, yet strongly resent guys who use their options to be selective.  It seems the more unattractive women are the hardest to please and they usually have the least to offer.  If women had the social power instead of men, they could be strongly abusive to the male ego.”

Blake- 38: “I think collectively all men are seeking, among other things, two basic qualities that aid in sustaining their interest in a relationship; a woman who is mentally stimulating and has the capacity to be exciting.  Of course, excitement, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and the quest for these qualities can be long and hard.  Therefore, a man may stay in search until he is satisfied he can rest

Hakeem- 32:  “Too much is said about the ratio of women against men and the mental anguish suffered by women at the hand of all those do-wrong guys.  Women complain there are not enough real men on the scene today, but that’s not true.  There are a lot of real men out there looking for real women.  The problem is that they’re considered “too nice.”  They’re the “good joes” who are looking hard for a woman to settle down with.  But they’re not fast and flash.  They don’t hang out on the scene.  They are just hard-working guys with money saved up, who get run over by women looking for the brute next door.  Most women prefer a guy who kicks them around a bit.”


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