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Story Of The Week

The Bond

by Lisa Laird

Marcie and Lynn did everything together. They had been friends since college, and lived two blocks apart. Personal secrets became bulletins when they talked, and discussing men was the highlight of their day.

Lynn enjoyed Marcie because she was always supportive of her “Lucy” ideas, but in many ways, they were complete opposites. Where Lucy was outgoing, Marcie was quiet, and when Lynn went in search of adventure, Marcie was content to escape in a good novel. Lynn was known for going after what she wanted, while Marcie sat and wished for it.

For awhile, they were inseparable as they explored and endured the trails of life together, and then one day Lynn fell in love, and Marcie’s secrets were no longer of interest. Her relationship with Marcie began to dwindle, with frequent excuses and unanswered phone calls.   

One day, Lynn’s lover informed her that he was leaving the country for a great job opportunity, and Lynn begged him to take her with him as his wife. But he refused. Marriage was not in his plans, and neither was Lynn.

For the first time in months, she sought out the familiar ear of her friend Marcie. The only one whom she could speak her heart to and share her most intimate thoughts. But Marcie was nowhere to be found. She had moved and left no forwarding address.

Lynn moaned in agony over her double loss, as she suddenly realized which relationship held the most value. But her pain was further increased when she ran into Marcie’s mother several weeks later, and learned that Marcie too, had left the country…to get married.

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