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Story Of The Week

The Pitch

by Chanice Barth

            I will never forget.  It was a Friday afternoon, and I felt good as I walked from my car to my next appointment.  For a change, I wasn’t dreading another weekend because I didn’t have a date.  I was looking forward to watching some movies, and enjoying a glass of red wine with my favorite meal.

            When I entered the tall glass building, I was glad that my day was about to end with this last appointment.  I had dressed up special because I was meeting with the President of the company, and I wanted to make a good impression.  I had been up all night working on my pitch and I was ready.

            However, when I walked into his office, I forgot my reason for being there.  The guy looked so good sitting behind the desk that I ended up stammering out my first four sentences.  I regained my composure, when he invited me to sit, in a very impatient tone.

            As I talked, I kept getting distracted by his hands.  He had the most beautiful hands I’d ever seen on a man.  They were powerful looking and his skin was smooth.

            At the end of my presentation, he relaxed and smiled for the first time.  He asked  how long had I been with my company.

            When I told him five years, he began talking about what he’d done in the last five years, and before long, we had gone from a business meeting to a personal conversation.

            I watched as the sun went down in the window behind his head, and he kept talking as if he had nothing else better to do.  Since I certainly didn’t, I didn’t move to end the meeting.  I just kept sitting there waiting to be dismissed.  I was enjoying his company and when he mentioned he was a single father, I felt a tingle in my stomach.

            When he stood up and began pacing the floor, my heart began to flutter.  He looked even better standing.  He was very tall, and had a nice build.

            Suddenly, he stopped talking and stared at me for a full minute and then asked if I were busy that evening, and when I told him no, he invited me to join him for dinner so we could continue our conversation.  He said he enjoyed talking to me.

            I pinched myself as he held my coat for me.  I couldn’t believe what was happening.  When we got outside, he told me to leave my car and ride with him.  Suddenly, a limo appeared before us, and off we went to one of the city’s most exclusive restaurants.

            We had a lovely dinner filled with laughter and more interesting conversation.  At the end of the evening, he took me for a long carriage ride in the park, while his driver waited patiently back at t he restaurant.   He  also bought me a bunch of red roses from a street vendor before he dropped me back at my car.

            When I pecked him on his cheek and thanked him for a lovely evening, he cupped my chin in his hand, looked deep into my eyes and told me that there would be more to come.  Unfortunately, I didn’t land the account, but I got him.

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