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Single Scenarios
Etched Endings

by Lisa Laird

Ever Happen To You? Just when you thought this was it…it ended suddenly and abruptly.  This is the relationship you bragged about endlessly to your family and friends.  This is the guy you thought you knew…the one who seemed sincere and then WHAM!!!!  Out of the blue, something happens that you never saw coming and you’re shaken to the core.

Kyra:  “I met a guy who seemed to embody everything I was looking for physically, mentally, and spiritually.  After two months of dating, he asked me to marry him, and I quickly said yes.  However, my family felt I responded too quickly to consent to marry someone I barely knew…and it turned out they were right.  On the night of our engagement party (which he resisted attending) I learned from a business associate that he was still married to someone else in another state.  This helped explain why his “job” took him out of town four days a week.  When I confronted him, he denied it, ran out of the door in a huff, and was never heard from again.”

Lara:  “Coming home early from work one day, I accidentally overheard a weird phone conversation between my live-in boyfriend and another man.  Ironically, it was three days before I learned I was HIV positive.  When I confronted him after I’d been diagnosed, he confessed that he’d been bi-sexual for years and didn’t know how to tell me.  He moved out the next day while I was at work.”.

Maddie:  “Two years ago, I had the shock of my life while on my honeymoon in Brazil, when I walked in on my new husband in bed in our hotel room, with one of the hotel maids.  He thought I had gone on a tour, and I thought he was out playing golf.  I flew home the next morning and had the marriage annulled. We had been together two years.”

Sandy:  “The night before my wedding, my fiancé admitted to me tearfully that he was bi-sexual and that he couldn’t go through with the wedding.  But I wouldn’t let him back out.   All I could think of was how much money I’d spent on the wedding, the embarrassment, and my desire to be a Mrs.  Therefore, I went through with the wedding believing I could change him, but it was the biggest mistake I ever made.   He refused to go on the honeymoon and to move in with me.  The marriage was annulled shortly thereafter.”

Candace:  “I found out my longtime “honey man” who was a devoted and generous boyfriend by day was also a burglar by night.  I discovered this when the police came to my door looking for him with an arrest warrant and dragged him off to jail.”

Denna:  “My boyfriend and I moved in together with plans to marry.  Two months later, I found out this wonderful, charming man had three wives in the same city already and had served six years in prison for rape. When I accosted him with the information I learned, he never answered.  He packed up and left and I never heard from him again.”

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