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The Dating Chronicles

May 27, 2019

When Brad’s phone rang and he answered it, Carol was in his kitchen cooking his favorite meal.  She was also reveling in the fact that she didn’t have the same problems her other girlfriends had with the men in their lives.  She knew Brad loved her and she trusted him implicitly.  When she was over his house and the phone rang, she didn’t flinch in nervous suspicion like her friend, Candy.  She laughed out loud as she thought about her and how she would have stopped cooking to go stand at the door to eavesdrop on her boyfriend Sam.

Carol knew she didn’t have to worry about Brad because she knew Brad was thrilled to be with her, because of what she brought to the table.  She was not only a woman of means, but she was attractive and knew how to treat a man.

She glanced at the light on the phone.  Brad was still talking.  Her stomach began to twitch.  He’s talking unusually long, she thought to herself.  After all, this is Sunday.  What kind of business is he taking care of on Sunday?

She went back to cooking.  She tried to get her mind off Brad by humming.  Five minutes went by.  The light was still on.  Suddenly, her curiosity forced her, as she began to puff in anger to ease the phone off the receiver.  Brad was talking in a soft voice.  “…I love you too baby.  And I’ll be over as soon as I finish this meeting I’m in.”  Carol spoke angrily into the phone.  “I got your meeting!  I’m in here cooking your dinner, and you’re planning to leave me to go see another woman.”  She slammed the phone down, grabbed her purse and ran out the door.  When she got to her car, Brad was yelling at her from his bedroom window.  “I was talking to my ten year old daughter.  Are you crazy woman?”  Carol felt stupid, as she slowly walked back towards the house, but when she reached the door, Brad refused to open it.  He didn’t answer her calls for a month, and when he finally returned her call, he told her it was over, and asked that she never call him again.

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