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The Boyfriend

Hall Of Fame

And Shame

by Coco Diong

August 29, 2018

I’ve heard all sorts of stories regarding relationships, and I’ve decided that there are boyfriends and, then there are boy-friends.  There are those who will never be forgotten either for their goodness and those whose appearance in our romantic lives has been banished to the dark corners of our memory banks to never be thought of again.  Here are the ones who made my annual list of The Boyfriends Hall of Fame and Shame. 

The Hall Of Fame

John The Hero – Julia met John on one of the worst nights of her life.  She was running out of a dark parking lot after a robber had snatched her purse with her car keys and cashed paycheck inside, when John happened to drive by and heard her screaming for help.  He stopped, helped calm her down, and then drove her to the nearest police station.  He stayed with her until she finished the police report, and then drove her home.  Two days, later a messenger delivered an envelope to her job from John, which contained a cashier’s check for $500, which was half the amount of her check.  They began dating and became engaged a year later.

Brent The Class Act – Karen met Brent on a blind date, and they seemed to click immediately until Karen accidentally knocked her glass of red wine all over Brent’s white pants.  Though the evening was cut short by the fiasco, he behaved very calmly and assured her that he was not upset by the incident.  The next day he called and invited her out again, and though she was totally intimidated by the clumsiness she felt she had displayed, she accepted his invitation.  He showed up at her door carrying a bunch of beautiful flowers, They became inseparable.

Tom The Protector – After dating three weeks, Sharon was transferred unexpectedly to the night shift at the hospital where she worked, and when she lamented to her new boyfriend Tom, that she was afraid to come home alone at night, because she didn’t have a  car, he began picking her up every night when she got off, though he had an early morning rise for his own job.

Hank The Supporter – On the day of the announcement, when Terri finally got the promotion at work that she’d been hoping for, her boyfriend Carl sent her five dozen roses.  Then to her surprise, he picked her up in a limo, when she got off from work, and took her to a fabulous restaurant for dinner.

Bob The Wonderful – When Yvonne couldn’t get a babysitter to stay with her seven year old twin boys when she got a job working the midnight shift, her boyfriend Bob changed his work schedule so he could stay with her kids at night while she worked.

The Hall Of Shame

 Michael The Pervert – Cindy, who was the mother of an eight year old girl, had been seeing Michael about two months when he drugged her one night in her living room, where they were having drinks.  She passed out, and when she woke up she found Michael in bed with her daughter, fondling her.  She went to her closet, got her gun and ordered him out of her house at gunpoint.  When he stepped outside her door, she shot him in the foot and called the police. Later, she found out that he was a convicted child molester.

Lee The Jerk – Lee broke up with Carla by having her meet him at a local club, and introducing her to his new girlfriend, while his friends stood by laughing. Later, she found out he had won $300.00 from his buddies, because they bet him he wouldn’t dare do what he did.  In an act of revenge, Carla spray-painted his white BMW convertible with the word Jerk in red paint a week later.

Vic The Scoundrel – Vic and Elaine went on a cruise together with a group of his friends.  On the second day of the cruise, Vic disappeared from of the cabin in the middle of the night after Elaine had gone to sleep.  When she woke up and found him missing, she went looking for him and discovered him on deck in a sexually compromised position with one of his friends’ girlfriend.  She went back down to the cabin, and threw all of his clothes and luggage overboard.  She slept on a deck chair each night for the remainder of the cruise.

Tony The Swindler – Alicia had known Tony two months, when he proposed marriage and they began saving their money together for a Christmas wedding.  By Thanksgiving, they had over $5000.00 saved, and most of it was Alicia’s money.  One week after Thanksgiving, Tony withdrew all of the money out of the savings account and left town without a word.  Alicia hired a private investigator and discovered that Tony was a bigamist, with three different wives in three different states.


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