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The Dating Chronicles

The Guessing Game

Jeff was a very handsome man and few men had his charisma.  His impact on women was legendary.  The handwritten notes and inviting phone calls at work were a daily occurrence in his fast-paced life.  But he was surprised when he received a note from Peggy, his assistant, asking him to meet with her over dinner. 

He had guessed long ago that she liked him, but he would have never imagined that she’d have the guts to ask him out.  It was just not her style,

Now, as they sat in the near-empty restaurant having dinner, he poured the wine carefully as he studied her face. Her nervousness was hard to conceal.  She claimed she wanted to talk to him about a problem at work, which he saw as a ploy to be alone with him. He had accepted the invitation out of courtesy to her request.  After all, she was the best assistant he’d ever had.

He smiled, as she went through the mental exercise of composing her speech.  He was curious as to what approach she would use.  He had to admit that he found her attractive, but she was the type who could get attached quickly and he’d had enough of clinging women.  He knew before the evening ended, that he would have to give his familiar speech on how he never mixed business with pleasure, but he felt somewhat flattered by what appeared to be her sudden interest.

He raised his glass in a toast to set the tone for his speech. She smiled shyly as he spoke of friendship and its value.  Suddenly, the room was ablaze in light as loud music blasted from every corner and his co-workers began to fill the room singing “Surprise” and “Happy Birthday.”  With his mouth wide in shock, he lowered his glass slowly. He was utterly shocked but also oddly disappointed.

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