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The Dating Chronicles


This was Candace’s wedding day and she was in awe that Richard Tower had chosen her to be his wife.  They were getting married in a few hours and she still didn’t feel desirable enough to merit the heart of a man who turned heads in traffic.   She smiled to herself  as she recalled when he strode past her at Margo Hank’s wedding a year ago, and how she had silently wished for long hair, shapely legs and a prettier dress, as she fought to look in the opposite direction.

His strapping figure was the perfect blend of all the dashing lovers she often envisioned in the heap of romantic novels that dominated her bed and her thoughts.  At that time, she was twenty nine, and had never known real love from a man.  As she sat watching him walk across the floor, she noticed the female stares that monitored his every step, and his oblivion to it all.

When he stopped at a group of men who seemed to be waiting for him, she diverted her attention to the bridal party and wondered if she would ever have a wedding cake.   Then it happened.  Out of nowhere, he was suddenly standing over her…asking her to dance…asking her name and if she were alone.  When the music stopped, her heart followed suit, as she expected him to move away to the next one waiting.  But he didn’t…and the afternoon became fit for a diary entry.

Later, when he walked her to her car, he told her that it was her dress that got his attention and that he would marry her one day. On the way home, she laughed over and over again at the absurdity of her hope, and his comment.

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