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The Dating Chronicles

The Other Decision

            Amy sat in the dark and contemplated her choices.  After careful deliberation, she realized she had none.  Hank had laid the cards on the table.  She could either go on without him or continue to see him at his leisure.  The wedding was in two weeks and she knew without thinking that she would ease into the back of the church to finally get a glimpse of the woman she had been competing with for the past two years.

            As she sat thinking, she recalled when she and Hank had first met, and how frank he’d been about the other woman in his life.  But he had been irresistible; because of the way, he made her feel when they were together.

            However, things had changed, and suddenly he wanted to get married.  He was in love, he said, but willing to still see Amy when he could, as long as she could handle it.

            Tears formed in her eyes as she thought about all the men in her life who had chosen someone over her.  First, her father, who had left her mother for another woman, and they never saw him again.  Then her husband, who had moved out when she was at work one day, and gone back to his ex-wife.  But Amy had never loved a man the way she loved Hank, and for her, life held no future without him.  Amy was convinced that true love was not a part of her destiny, and she resigned herself to accepting the scraps from someone else’s table.

            Suddenly, it came to her, that no one could love her until she learned to love herself…and she would begin that night.  She sat up in the chair and turned on the lamp.  The light illuminated her revelation.  She reached for the phone to tell Hank goodbye and good luck, but she changed her mind.  This time, she decided to let her actions speak louder than her words.

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