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The Dating Chronicles

The Proposal

When Terry finally proposed to Jackie, he was sincere at the time.  They had been dating for five years and she had borne him three children.  Jackie was ecstatic.  She had been waiting a long time for Terry to make up his mind about her, and she began to plan an extravagant wedding on a Caribbean island.

Terry was a wealthy man, who had amassed a fortune in various real estate ventures, and Jackie couldn’t wait to become his wife and gain all the prestige that came with it.   

However, two weeks before the wedding, Terry met a beautiful woman on a business trip, who captured his attention in a way no woman had before. When he made arrangements to visit her in Florida, he knew he wasn’t ready for marriage, but he rationalized that perhaps he was just having what he called, a “cold feet fling.” He thought it was common for men to become unglued just before they “jumped the broom” and do something stupid.  He felt he loved Jackie, and he knew it was time for him to make them a family.  But after he flew down to Florida three days later to rendezvous with the woman he’d just met, Terry came to the realization that he wasn’t quite ready to give up being a single man. 

Therefore, he cancelled the wedding by sending Jackie a “Forgive Me” card, with a $50,000 check enclosed and a note detailing his apology and regret.  He explained that he needed more time before making such a commitment.  After receiving the card, Jackie drove to his office and shot out all the windows of his car, and his tires.  To everyone’s surprise, the wedding took place as scheduled.  However, two weeks after the honeymoon, Terry was back on a plane to Florida.

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