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The Dating Chronicles

The Observer

While at a birthday celebration with friends, Marianne was asked to dance, by a guy who had been receiving a lot of whispered ridicule at her table because he was extremely overweight.  He had asked all of the women at the table to dance, but all had refused except Marianne. 

Marianne never participated in such unkind behavior and seized the opportunity as a way to voice her disapproval.  She smiled and quickly accepted his hand while her friends all sat there with their mouths open.  When she returned to the table, she ignored their comments and accused them all of being snobs.

Shortly thereafter, as they all sat staring and admiring a tall handsome guy standing on the other side of the room, who they all hoped would come over to their table, he came over and asked Marianne to dance.  While they were dancing, he explained that he had been watching her and the behavior of her friends all evening as guys came over and he’d been impressed with Marianne’s beauty and the way she handled male attention. 

They exchanged numbers after dancing all night and soon began dating. They were married six months later.

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