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The Dating Game

On Money Matters

Voices On The Subject:

Yvette:  “My friend won’t date a guy who doesn’t own a luxury car.  She is so ridiculous about this rule that she uses the “what kind of car do you drive” question as part of her screening process.  She views a man’s car as an indication of his spending ability.”                                                       

Cal:  “I met a very attractive woman several months ago at a party.  When the party was over, I learned she was riding with friends. So, I offered her a lift home.  I drive a Benz, but I was in my pickup truck that night.  When we stepped out to my truck, this woman took a step back and informed me that she didn’t ride in trucks.  I left her standing on the sidewalk and drove off.  I was glad to hear later that when she got back to the party, her friends were gone, and she had to wait over an hour for a taxi.”

Keira:  “I learned the hard way that money does not make the man.  I thought I married well when I married a guy some years ago who owned several businesses.  The day he proposed to me, he gave me a ring and a brand new car.  However, on our honeymoon cruise, he slapped me when he saw me laughing with a fellow male passenger.  By the time we returned home, I had experienced several temper flare-ups that had been invisible prior to the wedding.  I had the marriage annulled after one month.”

Frida:  “I have high standards when it comes to what a potential mate should have, but I found the more I hold out for finding one with the trappings of success, the lonelier I became.  I earn a six-figure salary, but for the past two years, I’ve dated two men who made far less.  Because of this very visible difference in our earning capacities, I spent the most money in both relationships and I accepted it without feeling I lost out.”

Toni:  “I’m dating a man who doesn’t have a car.  I’ve been too embarrassed when my friends see me always driving him around.  I wish to date the guy with the awesome car and the designer suit, who is willing to take me to Paris on vacation, but in my hemisphere, he is practically non-existent, so I accept the next best thing.  A man who’s employed.”

Dana:  “My friend turns up her nose at men who are still renting an apartment at age 35.  I also turn mine up at men who drive cars more than four years old.”

Cara:  “When a cousin took up golf because she saw the golf course as a hunting ground for upscale date prospects,  I tried the same idea.  However,  I found that a good income does not make a man a good catch.  I met so many jerks driving the top-of-line luxury cars, it made my head spin.  I decided to be more concerned about a man’s character along with what he can bring to the table because it doesn’t matter how much money he has if his head is on backward.”

Tom: “I was involved with a woman for over a year and was convinced she was my soulmate.  However, on the day I proposed, I gave her a 1 carat diamond ring, and I could tell by the expression on her face that she was not pleased.  She accepted it, but she returned it the next day and told me she preferred a two carat ring.  I never called her again.”

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