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The Games Lovers Play
Testing …Testing

by Coco Diong

Men and women test each other all the time in relationships and a great deal of the testing involves two crucial questions that help define the feelings in the relationship and if in fact, they are mutual.  Does he/she love me or does he/she care?  To get the answer to such uncertainties, some have been known to rely on the following techniques known as a form of testing.

Trial By Phone. For women, this is the entrance exam for all prospective mates.  To win her heart and convince her of his interest, he must be able to dial well and often.  Note: Women like to be called and expect to be called within 24 hours of the initial meeting or encounter.  This is a simple test that many men fail.  Women also expect their phone calls to be returned promptly.

The Call Waiting Game:  Does he/she hang up on other callers when you call or hang up on you to talk to others. Just one touch of the button can deliver significant information about your significance to him/her.

The History Test.   If your mate’s conversation is laced with references to their ex, you may be asking for trouble.  If you’re here (in the present) and he/she is mentally still stuck in an old relationship that doesn’t exist, the future is grim.

The Special Occasion Test:  Does he/she care about you enough to want to spend those special occasions with you?  Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day…His/Her Birthday…Your Birthday?

The Gift Factor:  Of course it’s the thought that counts.  When a man gives a woman a gift, you get a pretty good idea of how much he likes her.  Note:  All women love small, spontaneous gifts for no apparent reason and anything with an engraving on it.

The Crisis Test:  What does he/she do when you get fired, burned out or fall down the stairs and break a leg?  Does he/she stop their world and get off and be with you in your time of need or does he/she disappear until the sun shines again? This is a great way to measure the care factor.





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