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The Male Room

What Makes
A Woman

Jake – “Women who are smart, (a good combination of book sense and common sense) know that before she can be of worth to a man, she must be of worth to herself, and let it be known.  Guys are turned on by women who check them and are smart enough to do it with style and grace.”

Larry: – “The woman who is self-assured is very appealing to a man because she challenges him to want to learn from her.  As men, we are not always as confident as we may appear, and we inadvertently search for a woman who is smart enough to handle our egos, keep us on our toes, and stimulate us mentally.  With me, a woman’s confidence quotient determines her longevity.  It’s called spunk.”

Hank: – “The combination of principles, sass and brains makes a woman unforgettable and forever attractive.  A woman’s mind is her sexiest asset, and when she displays it with knowledge, charm and pride, it can be irresistible to a guy.  I find it difficult to find a woman who is not intimidated by her need for me.  I meet women who are afraid to voice their real selves….who fail to establish perimeters through communication and are quite willing to dangle while I dawdle.  Most guys I know are looking for challenges and they are hard to find in the right package..”

Nolan: – “A man is usually fascinated by a woman who’s lively, funny, independent, strong-willed, attractive, and proud.  But he also wants a woman whose spirit is enchanting.  Every guy worth his salt needs a woman who can motivate him to be his best.  There is no substitute for brains and beauty on a woman.  Those who have it, along with a heart void of suspicion and bitterness, can rivet a guy’s attention span for a lifetime.”

Don: – “Some guys like women who are smart enough to know their place.  I like a woman who likes me, but likes herself more and it’s evident.  A woman who enhances me, challenging me to be what she needs me to be and makes me feel good when I’m with her, could have me for life, if she can make me laugh as well.”

Sam – “I become totally enchanted with a woman whose spirit matches her face.  A woman with principles who speaks her mind intelligently and confidently with an acute awareness of her sex appeal can have me going the wrong way on my own street.”


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