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Lover Boys: The One You

Don’t Forget And Why

by Coco Diong

A few weeks ago after a lengthy (too long) phone conversation with a (no longer could I be interested in), pitiful imitation of a boyfriend, I decided to release my frustration. by venting over dinner to my three closest friends. Ironically, they were all having about of the “boyfriend blues.”

But instead of the usual “beau bashing” we usually do, we found ourselves reflecting on the memorable male encounters that had passed through our lives thus far.  When we finished, we felt refreshed and ready to give it another try on the romance battlefield.  While reflecting back on the good guys who had come through our lives, we succeeded in replacing tears with cheer and doubt (maybe I’m not supposed to be part of a couple), with optimism.  Hope floated as we reflected on the faces of those men, whose actions will always be etched on my heart.

So much is said and written about the challenges women encounter in male/female relationships and not enough is said about the good guys out there, whom some of us are lucky to encounter, who skillfully take relating to a woman to another level.

As we sat sipping our favorite tequila,  John, David, and Blake dominated the conversation   These guys stood out to remind us there are good guys out there waiting to be met and we should never give up on finding the destined love.

Karrissa: “I met John at the auto repair place while I was waiting for my car to be repaired one summer.  When we started dating, we would mix cozy restaurant meetings with playground excursions after dark when all the kids were gone.  We’d swing on the swings and slide down the slide, and laugh hysterically at our ease at being children again.  He’d send me roses when I had the sniffles and bring my favorite chocolates when I’d had a rough day.  He had a great sense of humor and my involvement with him, had a great impact on my growth as a woman.  He was patient, tender, and protective.  But it wasn’t long before I realized that I was not all he was looking for.  The chemistry was there, but the longevity factor was missing. We parted amicably, but he took a piece of my heart when we said goodbye.”

Kenya: “David was an ear specialist who I met when I went to see him about an ear infection and it was “fire” at first sight.  We used to go camping up in the country and pack sandwiches to munch on as we rode our bikes along the lake.  He would read Kahlil Gibran to me in front of his fireplace and take me tobogganing in the snow.  Like King Solomon, he had the wisdom to spare and an understanding heart.  His sincerity was unlike anything I’d ever known, but a dream career opportunity took him to another state.  I remember being disappointed that he didn’t ask me to go with him as his wife, but I realize that our moment had run out, but I will never forget him.”

Lorie: “Blake was my dream guy in the flesh.  He was the kind of guy that had all the qualities  I could ever want.  I met him during Christmastime when I was shopping in a men’s store for a present for my dad.  He was smart, ambitious, and very honest.  Unlike most guys I’d known he had imagination. When he got too busy one night and couldn’t keep our dinner date at my favorite Italian restaurant, he sent me a pizza and a note that read,”…just a little something to tide you over ’til tomorrow.  “Bon appétit!”  He was a thoughtful guy who was acutely sensitive to those things that were important to me.  We could talk about anything and always he seemed eager to please me.  Our relationship ended when he confessed that he had come to the realization that he still loved his ex-wife, but I was grateful for the time he was mine.”

What about you? Is there someone you could never forget?

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