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The Dating Chronicles
The Seduction

Melanie and Dee both worked for Carl, and both had a crush on him.  They spent most of their working hours competing for his attention in subtle ways, while Carl pretended not to notice.  He knew they both liked him, and he was very much attracted to Dee, but he was against combining personal feelings with business.

So, he pretended daily to be oblivious to the innuendos and flirtatious remarks that filled the atmosphere at work.  Then one night, Melanie, who lived one block away from Carl, accidentally locked herself out of her apartment and called Carl to ask if she could wait at his house until her roommate came home.  Carl, being sympathetic, agreed and Mel ended up staying there until the wee hours of the morning.  After sharing too many glasses of wine, Carl allowed himself to be seduced by Melanie and was grieved with regret the next day.

Mel couldn’t wait to get to work to tell Dee, and when Carl walked in, he could see the disappointment in Dee’s eyes, and he was even more disgusted with himself when he saw the smirk on Melanie’s face.  He knew she felt she had won.

For several months, he avoided both of them and only spoke to them when it was absolutely necessary, but he still had feelings for Dee.  Dee, with the soft brown eyes that no longer looked in his direction, haunted his dreams nightly.

One day, he decided to ask Dee out to dinner, and to his surprise, she accepted.  Over dinner, he expressed his feelings for her and apologized for what happened with Melanie.  They began dating and four months later, they were engaged. Melanie quit the job one week after the announcement.