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A Different


April 4, 2018

Cheryl and Mark had been involved as a couple for over three years when Mark suggested they move in together.  Cheryl didn’t want to, but she felt that she would lose Mark if she refused to do as he asked.  His best friend cautioned her against it, because he knew that Mark was only doing it for financial reasons.  But Cheryl agreed to live with Mark because she loved him, and she hoped that this decision would put her in a better position to become Mark’s wife, though he refused to discuss marriage.

However, after six months of living with Mark, and being subjected to him staying out all night, and taking phone calls in another room, she’d had it.  She moved out, and ended the relationship.

A year later, Mark showed up at her door unexpectedly with an engagement ring, but it was too late, she was already engaged to his best friend.

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