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Your Dating Style…

Timid Or Tough?

by Cheryl Lakes

What’s your style when you’re dating?  Do you go along for the ride or do you set the standard for the best scenario for you?  It all begins with good self-esteem.  Here are some smart examples of women with dating styles that fit the “tough” category! They had labels for their dating styles.

Barbara“Mine is No-Nonsense. A guy I was dating sat next to me on my couch once and began whispering into his cell phone when it rang as if I wasn’t there. It was obvious he was talking to a woman.   I sat there until he finished, and when he did, I got up and showed him the door.  Before I slammed the door in his face, I told him he was welcome to come back when he learned some manners. Before that happened, he was a sporadic caller.  After that incident, I couldn’t get rid of him.  Overnight, he became the boyfriend I’d always wanted him to be.  A woman must never allow her fear of being without him to overrule her self-respect. Men are fascinated with women who will only accept the best from them.”

Lisa – “Mine is Strategic. For the first two months of the relationship, I establish the groundwork for respect, by not dialing his number unless it’s important.  The competition is so great out here that a girl has to distinguish herself as a prize.  I must be treated like a princess, and I accept nothing short of royal treatment.  If he shows up an hour or more late for a date with some lame excuse, I don’t go.”

Shelley: “Mine is Aloof.  When I’m dating someone special, I let the guy do all the talking about feelings and affection.  I learned it’s best to keep your feelings to yourself until the wedding day.  I don’t care what he says.  Mystique will captivate a man’s attention for centuries.  Too many women tell him they love him, way before he’s even on the same page.  Guys are too fickle to hear these words until they say it, and act like they mean it.”

Kathy “Mine is Mysterious. I mix a cool demeanor with a touch of occasional sweetness.  My personal belief is that you should never let your need for him show unless you have a ring on your finger. Never let him see you sweat to be with him.”

Stephanie“Mine is Focused. My motto is if you want love, don’t settle for just sex.  He can get that anywhere. A woman has to be more than just a body and a thrill for the moment to keep a guy’s attention. One thing I know that if you speak your mind with tact, a guy will respect you more than if you don’t!”

Marcie “Mine is Intolerant. I say don’t complain while you stand in “the line” with the rest of the women wanting to be with him.  If he’s not pleasing you, find the courage to go to another line and wait for the kind of guy who’ll treat you the way you want to be treated.”

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