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Point Of View

The Woman Who Keeps

A Man From Cheating

by Tom Cook

Men are not nearly as dumb as women think we are. Though enough of us do a lot to substantiate that belief (sorry, brothers), for most things as it relates to women, we know what we want and what we don’t want.  The average guy is looking for someone who is not the same as him.  In seeking a soul-mate, we’re looking for someone who is not only sexy and exciting, (sidebar here-sometimes sexy can obliterate fine) but strong and independent.  Really!   That someone who can make him better and keep his ego pacified.

Ever wonder why some guys are more devoted than others?   It’s because the woman who has his heart fits the following description.

She does not…

  1. Lie
  2. Complain
  3. Ask a lot of inane questions.
  4. Give excuses.
  5. Go where we go
  6. Do what we do
  7. Say what we say.
  8. Resent us doing what we’re doing without her.
  9. Search our cars, homes, and phones for “cheating clues.”
  10. Take our crap.

For a man, being beautiful means nothing if a woman doesn’t have ways that excite, stimulate, and keep him interested.  A beautifully wrapped package only entices one to look closer.  A man needs more to stay tuned in and turned on.  A guy who is truly fascinated with who he’s with will never cheat!

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