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12 Things

Girls Wish

Guys Knew

by Sierra Silverspoon

Never quote on a sporadic basis, various statements or comments from others made favorably regarding your qualities. Let us find out for ourselves.

  1. We always want to hear what you find special about us. Words are very important to us.  Use good ones…liberally.
  2. Never compliment another woman about her hair or dress, when you are out with us unless she’s a family member, and never let an evening end without you telling us how good we look.
  3. Never refer to your ex more than once. It says to us that the relationship is not dead, and you’re still hooked emotionally, or mentally.
  4. Do not talk to others in our presence without acknowledging our presence, and the fact that we are with you.  Grab our hands to make us feel included.
  5. Do not ask for our phone number unless you plan to use it. Some of us become ladies-in-waiting, and we never forget the slight if you don’t call.  It stays in the “library” of our egos.
  6. Women are naturally intuitive. Accept it.  When we tell you that you can’t trust John Doe…believe it.
  7. Don’t say you love us unless you mean it. It’s a word we take to our graves.
  8. Don’t ask us to tell the waiter what we want in a restaurant. That is what we have you for.  Ordering is your job, and we enjoy watching you take charge.
  9. We prefer flowers or jewelry for gifts…but we will accept anything that looks as if you put effort into choosing it.
  10. Never turn your head to look at another woman, if you’re in our company. We always see you, and it’s disrespectful.
  11. Never jest about getting married unless it is something you are giving serious consideration to. Like love, it’s something we carry in our bosom and hold onto with great hope.
  12. After we’ve been on a date, call us when you get home.  It adds another alluring dimension to the evening.

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