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14 Ways To Tell You Need A Makeover

by Lisa Laird

            Pictures don’t lie.  We all know that.  So why then, do we cut ourselves off a group photo or rip into shreds those pictures we see of ourselves that we don’t like – as though somehow the image is discarded with the tiny pieces we toss in the round file?  Everyone SEES that photo of us FROM EVERY ANGLE; in living video and in loving color every time they look at us!  This is a reality check!   

            Let’s examine a few experiences people have shared before they got serious about re-inventing themselves…Perhaps, you may find some of these experiences all too unsettling.  Don’t fret.  Just do something good for you!  There’s nothing more flattering than having people “Make Over You” after you’ve undergone a MAKEOVER and stuck with it!

    All of your femininity is focused on your fingernails…that you look at admiringly with raised, extended hands all day.  The rest of your body is going to pot, but your nails are beautiful.  It doesn’t seem to occur to you that bright new awnings on a dilapidated house only draw more attention to the poor condition of the house.
  • You’re 32, and you go to visit your friend and a 12-year old answers the doorbell and responds to your friend’s call from inside the house, “Who Is It?” with the answer…”It’s a church lady.”
  • You go to the Caribbean with a girlfriend, hoping you’ll both meet interesting, and wonderful men you haven’t found stateside.  As the bellman starts working on his tip by making small talk in the elevator, he looks at you and comments to your friend, who’s 5 years older:  “So you’re taking your mother on a holiday.  How nice!”  You’re highly offended, but what can you say?
  • You’re 35, and you inquire of a much older woman behind the desk of a health club about the evening schedule for aerobics classes and she tells you “the classes for women our ages is held at 5:30 p.m. just before the rush-hour crowd of young people start pouring in.”
  • You’re walking your cute terrier dog and guys stop and make more over the dog than they do you.
  • When people NEVER compliment your look.
  • When no matter what you’re wearing, people always comment on how “comfortable” you look.
  • When men always look “past” you, never “at” you.
  • The following “must have” essentials are missing from your vanity:
    Tweezers, single-edged razors, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner and mascara.
  • The following are still within arms reach in your closet, a fully pleated skirt, flowered or printed vests, matching shoes and bags, or blouses with bow-tie collars. Make arrangements to meet an image-consultant.  It will be worth the time, effort and expense.
  •  You’ve limited “working out” regularly to watching exercise videos while you do waist bends from your chair to the coffee table reaching for popcorn, cake, salsa and tortilla chips.
  • When you have to lift up the steering wheel to get in your car to avoid feeling like your stomach is being run over by a bike!
  • When your pantyhose will no longer pull up past your belly button and you feel like a duck with webbed thighs all day!
  • When your feet are not fit for sandals in the summertime, and you’re afraid to get a pedicure, because you don’t want anyone to see your feet.
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