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The Dating Chronicles
The Guessing Game

Brent had guessed long ago that his boss Carla liked him, but he had chosen not to acknowledge it.  Though she was very pretty, She didn’t appeal to him and he worked hard to discourage what he viewed as her subtle flirtations.  However, he would have never imagined that she’d have the guts to ask him out to dinner, though they had been working together for over four years.

As they sat in the near-empty restaurant, he poured the wine carefully as he studied her face.  Her affection for him was hard to conceal and he knew that her invitation to discuss a new project over dinner was a ploy to be alone with him in a romantic setting.  He accepted out of courtesy, but he was intrigued by her boldness.  Though she was his boss, she had always treated him with much favor, and he was teased constantly about it at work.

He watched her, as she went through the mental exercise of composing her speech.  He was curious as to what approach she would use.  He expected that before the evening ended, he would have to give the proverbial speech that he had given on more than one occasion to other admirers at the office, on how he was totally against mixing romance with business.

He raised his glass to set the tone with a toast.  She smiled, as he spoke of his fondness for her as a boss.  It was then that she handed him a copy of her letter of resignation, and told him that he had been promoted to take her place.  In shock, he broke out into uncontrollable laughter, as he wavered silently between elation and disappointment.  She went on to inform him that she hoped since they would no longer be working together that they could perhaps see each other on a personal level…to which he quickly consented gladly with a big grin and without the slightest hesitation.

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