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“She Is Well-Liked Because…”

by Bonita Bennett

Those Who Are Well-Liked…Are known for being kind and fair.***Treat everyone the same.  Do not make a difference in others based on their status in life, real or perceived. *** Are genuinely interested in the lives of others.  When you hurt, they hurt.  When you’re happy…they’re happy.*** Never negatively discuss a friend behind their backs nor allow others to.***They either discuss all grievances face to face or smile and bear the injustice.***Hold all confidences with care and respect for the individual’s wishes.***Have nothing to prove.  They like who they are and it shows.***Have a certain virtuous quality regardless of their experiences.***Because they make it a practice to make others feel important and valued.

  • Bring a ray of sunshine wherever they go.
  • Treat friends as precious jewels to be cared for, admired, and treasured.
  • Resist the urge to be self-promoting.
  • Are not afraid to make mistakes nor admit them.
  • Look at others with an open mind and an open heart.
  • have a loving nature that is genuine and unique.
  • Never function for approval or to impress.

Though beauty or a handsome face is indeed impressive, looks can be fleeting to the mind, if an intriguing light does not shine from within.  Real beauty requires certain stamina that can overcome the enchanting allure of superficial standards.  Interestingly enough, despite all the emphasis that is placed on being physically delectable.   It’s who we are from the inside out that’s most impressive.  In the end, what really matters is how we’ve participated in the game of life and how others are affected by our plays.


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