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Dangerous Dating

How Safe Are You?

by Lisa Laird

Sherry had just been told by her doctor that she had contracted an STD and she cried uncontrollably for one hour straight.  She was inconsolable as she kept repeating over and over that she was in a monogamous relationship…and how could this happen to her?  But was she?  Unfortunately, she was not…and everyone close to her knew a truth that she had been in denial of.  She was monogamous, but her boyfriend was not.

When her sister tried to tell her several months ago that the man she’d been with for over three years was dating other women, she stopped talking to her.  There had also been rumors that he was bi-sexual, but she ignored them all, and now she was paying the ultimate price for her carelessness.  She abhorred the use of condoms and she’s not in the minority.  I have several “intelligent” friends who are sexually active and refuse to use condoms.    I also know three women in the last two years who’ve been infected with a STD and they didn’t (admittedly) practice safe sex.

Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention show that more and more women are being diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) than ever before, and 44% of the recent cases diagnosed and reported were African-American women.  Recently, I conducted a poll of 100 single men and women on their sexual practices and attitudes and the results were astounding, to say the least. 

The Women:

71% believed their partners were monogamous and admitted that they didn’t always press for the use of condoms on a consistent basis.

 41% still believed STDs mostly prevailed among homosexuals and drug users.

 13% admitted to having more than two sexual partners in a 12 month period, and not always using condoms.

  17% had contracted a sexually transmitted disease in the past.

The Men

62% did not use condoms because they only slept with women “they knew,” and therefore didn’t have a fear of contracting the disease.

85% believed that STDs are related to a hygiene issue.

 41% admitted to having multiple sex partners in a 12 month period.

  31% had contracted an STD in the past.

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