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Distinctive Doings

Name:   Felischa Marye

Occupation:  Hollywood Television Writer

Residing In:   Los Angeles, California

Two Words That Describe Me Best:  Joyful and hopeful

Three words that best describe my work ethic:  Intense, relentless, dependable

Two words co-workers would use to describe me:  Fun, creative

Your current state of mind:  At peace

If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?  My neurosis

What do you consider your greatest achievement?  BET just bought a new comedy series I created through Will Packer Television Productions.

 What is the quality you like most in a man?   Intelligence

What is the quality you like most in a friend?     Fairness

What is your greatest extravagance?   High-end dining

The three people you admire most:  Oprah, Michelle Obama, and that Barack, too

 I’m passionate about:  My career

 It bothers me when:  I doubt myself

 The best thing that ever happened to me:  Getting into film school and getting validation around my talent

 Most humbling experience:  Having to take a day job after starting the writing journey

Lesson Learned This Year:  Don’t assume the worst… hope for the best

Favorite Place To Be:  With friends wining and dining


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