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Never Too Late…

Finding Love

After 50

by Coco Diong

When I decided to do this article, I went in search of women over 50 who had never married but found real romance after the age of 50.  Hopefully, their experiences will inspire those who think when romance has not come by a certain age that love has passed them by.  It should also succeed in giving new energy to those who are still waiting to experience that which they have not.  That prince of a guy.

Diane –  married for the first time at age 51.  She met her husband in the supermarket.  They got to talking about the high price of avocados in the vegetable section and bumped into each other again at the checkout counter. They exchanged numbers and began dating immediately.  He was 53 and a retired Marine captain.  She was an elementary school teacher, who had given up long ago on ever finding real love.  He was a divorced father of two, who vowed to never marry again.  They were married six months after they met.

Marsha – a 53-year-old bus driver who never went anywhere, but to work and back, married for the first time after meeting her prince in the lobby of the building where she lived.  She was waiting for her daughter to pick her up and he was the new doorman on duty.  It was snowing heavily that night and her daughter got caught in a traffic snarl.  She ended up sitting in the lobby for over three hours talking to him while awaiting her daughter’s arrival.  They became friends first and then lovers.  They married five months after meeting.

Joannie – 55, an emergency room physician decided one night to do something she’d never done…go to a movie alone.  She was bored and tired of looking at TV night after night.  In the darkened theater, a very handsome man sat alone two seats from her and began commenting on the various scenes in the movie.  At first, she was apprehensive about talking to a stranger, but after a while, she began to enjoy his comments.  When the movie ended, he asked her if she’d have a coke with him in the lobby and she eagerly accepted the invitation.  He was a 58-year-old widower who owned several car service franchises.  They met back in the same theater two nights later and began dating.  They married two years later.

Amy– a 58-year-old registered nurse met her Mr. Right at an amusement park.  She was standing in line waiting to go on one of the fastest rides there and he was standing behind her in line.  The wait was long, so they got to talking and discovered they had gone to the same college and had mutual friends.  He was a 55-year-old policeman, who was recently divorced.  They exchanged numbers and began dating.  Three months later, they held their wedding reception at the same amusement park.

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