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Single Scenarios


  • Rob: “We had been dating a month when I met her best friend and she blurted out that she had never heard of me. You can always gauge a woman’s interest in you by her girlfriends’ reaction when you meet them for the first time.  If they’ve never heard of you, she ain’t interested!”

  • Candace: “I went on a first date with a guy who didn’t like the dress I was wearing, and he took me to Saks and bought one he liked.  It was beautiful and expensive, and I felt like Julia Roberts in the movie, Pretty Woman.”

  • Kim: “I was once so broke that I was about to be homeless and a miracle happened that changed my life. I received an eviction notice, and my car was repossessed in the same week.  One night I went to the casino with an ex-boyfriend, who had always been kind to me.  He won $50,000 and gave me half of it.  I joined the church the next day.”
  • Jacques: “We met on a blind date and I was not impressed. I didn’t find her attractive, but before long I became hypnotized by her confidence. We ended up hitting it off. I have always been attracted to a woman who can look me dead in the eye when she’s talking to me.  It shows self-confidence and that’s hard to resist.”

  • Jovanie: “I was on a 2nd date at the movies with a guy who I was very attracted to, but I couldn’t read if the feelings were mutual, because he was vague in his speech and actions. When I tried to hold his hand, he moved it with a frown on his face and shifted his body away from me. Despite his behavior, I held out hope that things would get better, but I got up and left the theater when I tried to talk to him and he shushed me very loudly.”
  • Russell: “On the way home one night from a lousy blind date, my car suddenly stopped, and my date got out, told me to pop the hood, and succeeded in fixing the trouble.  I was so impressed that I decided to take her out again.  This decision was far different from the one I made when I left the restaurant.  She had talked so much about her child that I was bored out of my mind, and I’d made up my mind that this was her last outing.  Nine months later, I married her.”

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