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Single Sketches


  •  Miles: “A woman at work asked me out to help celebrate her birthday.  She picked me up in a limo, massaged my feet in the back seat before we got to the restaurant and picked up the tab.  If this is the new dating trend, I’m loving it.”
  • Zina: “On my first date with a real handsome brother, he asked me to pick him up because his car was in the shop, pay the check because he left his wallet at home, and then let him spend the night so I could drive him to pick up his car the next day.  I left him at the restaurant.”

  • Rob: “We had been dating a month when I met her best friend and she blurted out that she had never heard of me. You can always gauge a woman’s interest in you by her girlfriends’ reaction when you meet them for the first time.  If they’ve never heard of you, she ain’t interested!”

  • Candace: “I once went out with a guy who didn’t like the dress I was wearing, and he took me to the store and bought one he liked.  It was beautiful and expensive, and I felt like Julia Roberts in the movie, Pretty Woman.”

  • Kim: “I was once so broke that I was about to be homeless and a miracle happened that changed my life. I received an eviction notice, and my car was repossessed in the same week.  One night I went to the casino with an ex-boyfriend, who had always been kind to me.  He won $50,000 and gave me half of it.  I joined church the next day.”
  • Jacque: “We met on a blind date and II was not impressed. I didn’t find her attractive, but before long I became hypnotized by her stare. We ended up hitting it off. I have always been attracted to a woman who can look me dead in the eye when she’s talking to me.  It shows self-confidence and it turns me on.”

  • Jovanie: “I was on a 3rd date at the movies with a guy who I was very attracted to, but I couldn’t read if the feelings were mutual, because he was vague in his speech and actions. When I tried to hold his hand, he moved it with a frown on his face and shifted his body away fro me. I got up and left the theater and blocked him on my phone.”
  • Russell: “On the way home one night from a lousy blind date, my car suddenly stopped, and my date got out, told me to pop the hood, and succeeded in fixing the trouble.  I was so impressed that I decided to take her out again.  This decision was far different from the one I made when I left the restaurant.  She had talked so much about her child that I was bored out of my mind, and I’d made up my mind that this was her last outing.  Nine months later, I married her.”

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