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Single Scenarios

Random Expressions

Korey: “Last year, I was caught out with one woman by another woman I was dating, and when she confronted me, I told her the truth…that she was not the only woman I dated, and she accepted it, and we continued dating.  I will never duck and dodge again.  I will tell the truth in all relationships from now on.”

Noah: “I will never marry another woman with children.  I had the roughest year because I married a woman who had two boys, with a father who was very involved, and my life was made hell every time I spoke in my own house regarding their behavior.  I’m in the process of a divorce, and it’s all because I followed my heart instead of my head!”

Clay: “It’s true that the nicer a man is, the less he’s appreciated.  I am one of those guys who is thoughtful and available if I like a woman.  But every woman I meet seems to be looking for someone a little slicker, and a little more ruthless.”

Leigh: “I used to avoid the friendship of women because I saw them as competitors.  But not anymore I now have several female friends, and I realize that my life was empty without having a female shoulder to lean on.”

Mazie: “Last year, I became a born-again Christian and promised God that I would never sleep with another man who was not my husband.  My friends laughed and said no man would accept me on my terms.  When I got married two months ago, all my ‘philosophical’ friends, who are still single and active sexually, cried throughout the ceremony.”

Brianna: “Last year, I loaned money, gave away money, and scarred my soul forever by allowing men to come in and out of my life at will and perform any way they wanted, so I could have a little companionship.”

Clare: “No more female friends for me.  One girlfriend dated this guy I was dating behind my back and another friend borrowed $500.00 and refused my phone calls when the due date passed.I no longer trust women.”

John: “It only takes one date to discover the chemistry.  If it’s not there, there’s no point in wasting any more time. The problem is always what to say at the end of the night.”

Mel: “The last blind date I had made me wish I were blind.”

Brent: “I went to the theater with a woman who snored through the entire movie.  I ended up leaving her there.”

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