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Single Sketches
The Things People Say…
  • “Women are much harder to satisfy than men. With them, in a relationship, there’s always something a guy could be doing better.”
  • “Men have a natural distrust of other men if they don’t know them personally, especially when the men are the friends of his lover.”
  • “The only time a guy feels a woman is too aggressive is when he ain’t interested.”
  • “Just because a woman pretty does not necessarily make her desirable.”
  • “I’ve discovered that men have the same need as women do to feel attractive, and maybe a greater need for it to be acknowledged.”
  • “A real man is at ease around all kinds of people because he is at ease with himself.”
  • “If you look and act as though you are worthy of the best treatment, you will usually receive it.”
  • “A sassy woman can keep a man seated on her couch for as long as she wants him there if she fits his style.”
  • “The woman who is highly successful with men has learned to combine class, boldness, unpredictability, and smarts into a package that may or may not be physically attractive.”
  • “I would never date a guy who doesn’t smile at children.”
  • “When I was married, the greatest disappointment I’ve ever had was when I discovered my best friend was “the other woman.”
  • “Every chance I get I meet a new guy by pretending to be helpless.  I never know how to pump gas, or use the ATM Machine, when a handsome man appears!”
  • “Last week, I asked a co-worker out to dinner, and he consented.  I was elated because I assumed the attraction was mutual.  But when the bill came, he insisted on me picking up the check because it was my invite, and I was no longer interested.”
  • “I’ve found that women hold grudges for life when they feel overlooked or ignored.  If I saw a woman I wanted to know, I would never approach her if she’s with another woman.  You never know when you might run up on that same woman again and you need a favor.”
  • “With some women, a guy’s presence, whether it be by phone or visiting her is enough.  I’ve dated women and we never went out.  Television and pizza were sufficient.”



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