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22 Beauty
Tips To Make
You Dazzle’

by Gloria Gibson


  • Play up eyes by applying blusher high on the cheekbones and close to the outer corners of the eyes. After all, makeup has been applied, give further sparkle to the eyes with a tiny dab of baby oil on each outer corner.

  • For a dewy look, gloss eyebrows lashes, and lids lightly with baby oil after applying makeup.

  • When tweezing and shaping eyebrows remember that too-thin or too-heavy brows add unnecessary years to the face. Too dark brow color and eyeliner are also aging.  Choose soft browns and smoky greys rather than jet black.  If you’re over 40, skip eyeliner entirely.

  • Treat little crow’s feet at the outer edges of your eyes to nightly softening applications with any one of these: baby oil, peanut oil, or moisturizing cream with special eye oils.  Dot it on; never rub.

  • For the most natural look, start eye-liner where lashes begin—usually a fraction of an inch away from the innermost corner of the eyelid.

  • Plagued by mascara smudges? Have your lashes professionally tinted.  Color lasts for weeks, and never smudges.


  • If lips are too full, use two shades of lipstick to make them seem thinner. Outline edges with a very pale shade, and fill in with a darker shade.  Avoid shiny lipsticks—luster magnifies, and matte colors diminish size.

  • To choose the most becoming lipstick shade, check the color in a mirror with different light settings.

  • When applying lipstick, open your mouth slightly to color the outer corners and parts just inside the mouth, which is visible when you smile. Don’t stretch your mouth widely or the line won’t be natural.


  • Apply foundation with a sponge for the sheerest coverage; a sponge absorbs excess makeup and eliminates streaks.

  • Prepare oily skin for make-up with a demi-bath of a mild skin freshener applied with cotton squares.

  • No time to put on a whole new face? Press a washcloth dampened with cold water all over your old makeup to freshen it up.

  • When massaging the throat, neck, or face with moisturizers, use a gentle, rotating motion. Stroke only in an upward-never downward-direction.

  • Whenever you apply moisturizer to your face, do it twice if you have dry skin.

  • If your skin is dry, massage it with lubricating creams every night. Take special care while on a weight-loss diet.  (These often dry out the skin.)


  • Keep curling irons and electric setters from drying out hair by using a little water-soluble moisturizer on hair ends before curling.

  • Stop hair tints from staining the face by spreading a little Vaseline on the skin before application. Remove hair tint with Witch Hazel.


  • When coating nails with a hardener, be sure to stop short of cuticles to avoid hardening them as well.

  • To remove traces of onion, garlic, or fish odors from fingers after cooking, rub hands with table salt.

Your Body:

  • Make your bath oils go further this way: Snip a slit in an oversize bath sponge, and pour the oil or gel into the pocket; dampen the sponge, and rub directly on your body.

  • Get rid of corns, pump bumps on heels, and calluses on soles by gently scrubbing them with a soap-coated abrasion mitt during your bath. Moisturize heavily daily.
  • For discolored knees, rub kitchen cleanser on each knee, moisturize with Vaseline, and buff with a dry cloth.


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