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Inside The

Party Scene

 by M.K. Allison

July 17, 2018

Everybody loves a good party, and a great party is even better.  Most describe a good party as good food, great music and interesting people in a great space.  For many singles, it’s one of the best places to hook up with the opposite sex, and make some viable connections, but for some it’s a dead-end street.  We went to a party and decided to talk to some singles about their attitudes and feelings regarding the party scene The party was on the rooftop of a very upscale hotel in Chicago.  The crowd was diverse and eclectic.   Here’s what we heard…

Carl – “When I go to a party or club, I expect to have a good time because I like to dance, and I like to meet new people.  I also like to network, so my expectations are high when I walk in the door.  However, to be honest, I am more comfortable talking to women who appear to be there to enjoy themselves, than the ones who appear to feel either out of place, or waiting for someone to come along to take them out of their state of boredom or loneliness.”

Liz – “Whenever I go out to a party, I am usually expecting or hoping to meet someone interesting, if I’m not dating at the time, and most of the time, I don’t.  Therefore, I usually don’t enjoy myself.  I’m there for one purpose and one purpose only, and when it doesn’t happen, I swear off parties forever.  Then I get back on the “party wagon” again when a friend succeeds in selling me on the great potential for fun at yet another party.”

Tamara – “I must admit that I don’t like going to parties much, because it feels like I’m going to a beauty competition.  I usually end up sitting in a corner being over-looked by the men, who are being momentarily dazzled by all the Beyonce’ wannabees in the house.  I consider myself reasonably attractive, but after I leave a party and not one male head has turned in my direction, I’m thoroughly disgusted.  Parties aren’t good for my ego.”

Regina – “I didn’t really begin to start enjoying myself at parties until I changed my attitude.  I used to go to parties with the attitude of “this is me and I ain’t going through no extra effort to be noticed.”  I was overweight, and basically unhappy, and I carried that attitude everywhere I went.  Now when I hear about a party I get excited, because I make every effort to have a good time, and I usually do.  I find that it begins with going with someone whose company I’m sure to enjoy, smiling at everyone, and rarely sitting down.  I also make a point not to go out if my hair and makeup is not working on that particular day.  I find I have more fun when I feel good about how I look.”

Gloria – “I had stopped going out to parties because I never enjoyed myself.  One reason was due to the fact that the men usually walked over me like I was invisible, to get to my girlfriends, who were all glamour pusses. Then I decided to dress up for a party like I had been asked out by Prince Charming himself, and talk less to people I know, and focus more on those I didn’t know.  I also got rid of my shyness, and allowed my wit to shine through, and now I look forward to the next party invitation.”

Jackie – “I have just about given up on the party scene, because I rarely have a good time.  I go, eat, drink and bounce to the music, but no one ever asks me to dance.  I find myself always on the sidelines while others seem to be having a good time.  Though, I’m not the most attractive woman in the world, I noticed that a lot of pretty women get ignored as well.  So, I’ve decided to wait it out until my dream man finds me in front of the local bakery.”

Bob – “I find that if you go to a party with a mindset of enjoying yourself you usually will.  It’s always good to attend a party and make a hook-up, but if you don’t, you should soak up the lively atmosphere, the opportunity to relax and listen to good music, and seek out what I call the “people possibilities.”  To me, a party is a social event designed for me to get the best out of it for me, and I enjoy meeting people whether they have business or romantic potential or not.”

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