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Love Matchups

How They Met…

by Lisa Cregier

Tom:  “I made an agreement with a female friend I’d met on the tennis court to marry her for appearance’s sake. She was afraid she would never marry because no female in her family had ever been married.  I wasn’t attracted to her in the least but the offer was irresistible. I was unattached at the time and the agreement was that we would stay married for three months, get divorced and she would give me $40,000… $20,000 down and the remainder at the end of the designated period.  However, we ended up falling in love and the balance was forfeited.  We are still together and it’s been over two years.”

Carl: “Four weeks after meeting her in the parking lot of the local supermarket, I told my girlfriend I loved her, and before I finished getting the words out of my mouth, I felt like an idiot.  She just stared at me without saying a word.  Just as I began to feel awkwardly exposed and couldn’t take the silence any longer, she said she was glad to know our feelings were in sync. But she made up for it when she proposed two weeks later by surprising me at work with a huge “WILL YOU MARRY ME” balloon.

Dale: “We met at the gas pump.  I noticed her car before I noticed her.  She was driving a new Benz, and she stepped out of it like a princess getting out of a horse-drawn chariot.  I asked if she needed my help to pump her gas, and she said yes. We got to talking and blocking the gas pumps and eventually ended up spending the rest of the day together.  I don’t even remember what my plans were that day, but they were definitely put on the back burner after that encounter.  That was two years ago and I’m still pumping her gas.”


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