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The Dark Side

Of Marrying…

Phoebe, Dallas, Texas – “In the last 5 years, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on wedding gifts, bridesmaid’s dresses, rehearsal suits, etc, and not one of the couples who became betrothed before my eyes, is still with their partner.  One friend married a man who confessed to her on the eve of the wedding, that he was bi-sexual, and could not commit to fidelity, and she still married him.  Her excuse was that she didn’t want to be embarrassed at the church by calling the wedding off.”

Tyra, St. Louis, Mo. – “My very successful sister almost got married a few years ago to a man she was crazy about.  He led her to believe that she was his soul mate from heaven.  However, several members of our family thought she was making a huge mistake.  Then two days before the wedding, she showed up on his doorstep unannounced with a surprise and overheard him telling his best friend, that he was strictly marrying for money.  She backed down the stairs and called off the wedding.  But she never told him why.  He ended up begging her to marry him because his family had come from all over the country for the wedding.  But she refused.”

Kay, Chicago, Ill. – I had a friend who married a college sweetheart from the past, and he killed her a year after they married.  The odd thing is that she was advised to call the wedding off when her grandmother told her she’d had a bad dream about him.  But she wanted so badly to be married.  Unfortunately, he shot and killed her in front of her two children seven weeks after they were married.”

Susan, Baltimore, Md. – “I married a man who drove up to the church with an ex-girlfriend in the car.  I hadn’t been able to find him all night, and I guessed where he’d been, but I went through with the wedding anyway, because I hoped he would change after we married.  I also rationalized that if he didn’t love me, he wouldn’t have shown up at the church.  But I was wrong.  He stayed with me for a month, and then asked for an annulment.”

Gina, Brooklyn, New York. –“My friend, who had been married to what she called, “a wonderful man” committed suicide on New Year’s Eve two years ago, when she caught her husband in bed at their home with an ex-girlfriend.  This same woman had plagued their relationship for years, but my friend refused to let go, because she wanted to win, and in the end, she lost big time.”

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