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Dumped But

Not Damaged

by Theo McNee

Everyone cannot handle being dumped or rejected by a lover. One friend tried to hang himself when his girlfriend dumped him for another man.  A cousin tried to slit her wrists when a long-distance love dumped her to go back to his ex-wife.  I’ve heard too many stories of folk who just couldn’t get over being rejected and were unable to recover. So, it was encouraging to find several people who had some wild tales of being dumped but were able to overcome it and bounce back.

Eva: “My fiancé was two hours late showing up at our engagement party.  When he did walk in the door, he quickly pulled me into a bedroom and said he wanted his ring back because he had decided to give it to another woman.  I was hurt, outraged, and embarrassed, but I gave him the ring.  When he left, I dried my tears and told my guests that he had an emergency and had to leave. The next day I went swimming and let all the memories of him float away in the water.”

Yulonda: “I was packing to go on a camping trip with my boyfriend when he called to say he had not only changed his mind about the trip, but he had also changed his mind about us.  When he hung up, I cried uncontrollably for the rest of the night.  Two days later, I found out he was dating my cousin and had taken her on the trip.  I was so angry that I almost had an accident in my car.  The next day I enrolled in the health club and exercised my blues away.  A month later, I met my true soulmate on the track.”

Wendy:  “When my boyfriend of five years suddenly disappeared after finally making a marriage proposal, I was convinced that it was something I’d done or had not done.  We arranged to meet at the airport to elope to Vegas. I waited for him for over five hours and he never showed up.  When I got home, I called every hospital in the city, convinced that he’d been in an accident, but I couldn’t find him.  Two weeks later, he finally called and told me apologetically that he had just changed his mind, and that he wanted a fresh start with someone else.  I eventually got over it, but not before I shot out his tires and had his electricity cut off.”                                                                                               

Sara:  “My boyfriend dumped me on the way home from a weekend trip in the country, which I considered to be one of the best times we’d ever had together.    I was in total shock that he could be so attentive and loving for three days and then tell me that he couldn’t see me anymore. When I asked him why he told me that the why wasn’t important and that I should just relish the good times we’d had together.  After that, I immersed myself in learning how to play tennis and realized that he did me a favor because he had serious mood swings that made me uncomfortable.”

Colin:: “I had an engagement ring in my pocket that I had just purchased to propose to my girlfriend when she confessed to me that she was marrying another man, and displayed his ring proudly on her left hand.  We had been involved for a while and I didn’t have a clue that she was seeing someone else.  I felt deceived and angry, but I let her go without a word and took the ring back to the store without ever telling her that I’d bought it.  When I got home, I flushed her from my mind with a full bottle of wine and never told a soul why it ended. Ironically, three months later, she called and said her fiancé had relocated to a place she didn’t want to move to.  She wanted to come back, but I wasn’t interested.”

Jenny: “When I was dumped by my boyfriend two years ago without any warning, I almost committed suicide, because it came out of the blue.  He sent me a telegram from Mexico informing me that he had decided to get married to an ex-girlfriend, and he wished me well. But after lengthy counsel from my Pastor, I realized that I had been blessed by him dumping me because he never treated me the way I wished to be treated and I’d hung on anyway. ”                                                                                   

Jessica: “I had been seeing this guy for about four years when I invited him to accompany me to Paris on a trip I’d won.  He was supposed to meet me at the airport, but he never showed up.  I ended up taking the trip alone.  I never heard from him again, but I later learned that he had moved in with another man.  I cried all day for one day and then let it go.  I chalked it up as one of life’s awful experiences and moved on to a higher ground of consciousness.”



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