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Point Of View

The Ridiculous
Rush To Romance

 by Rob Chancey

Last month, I dated a woman who displayed a serious attitude when I called her a week after a splendid first date. Though we hadn’t been intimate, she felt I was rude and inconsiderate of her feelings because she didn’t hear from me.  She accused me of being a playa and other unmentionables because I didn’t meet her expectations. Needless to say, I never called her again.  Women!   

Recently, I dated another woman who informed me on the 2nd date that she was only interested in dating a man who was looking for a wife.  Huh!  What is going on?  I want to know why so many women on the dating scene are in such a RUSH to be hooked up. Since single women chronically complain about men not wanting to commit to relationships, I thought I’d share some insight into some of the reasons why.

  1. He isn’t willing to compromise his freedom to date other women.
  2. He’s not emotionally ready to do so.
  3. He’s not mentally prepared to lock himself into a one-on-one situation for fear of missing a potential opportunity for something better.

Also, many times the relationship has not developed to the point where the guy can decide on his own whether he wants to commit or not.  These days, couples often find themselves together in a “relationship” without a word being uttered attached to expectations grounded in wishful thinking, which usually leads to trouble.  In other words, women like to put a label on relationships and men typically don’t.

In view of this, I would like to make a suggestion to all the women out there who complain about finding a good man.  Ladies, every guy you date or go out with should not be immediately targeted for serious involvement.  Give the relationship a chance to grow and work on the friend and compatibility factors first. 

Men as a whole, are basically old-fashioned and still take pride in doing the chasing.  So, women should allow us to make a commitment when we feel it, not because you need or want it.  Slow it down! Review your expectations.  Are they fair, reasonable, or downright ridiculous?  In my opinion, the high divorce rate in this country has a lot to do with women rushing almost frantically into marriage because of the desire to be hooked up to another human being, and too often, it’s an irrational choice!

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