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Single Sketches

Jozzie: “I’ve decided recently…no more sex for me unless I’m married. I’m tired of waking up with a man and we’ve both experienced something different emotionally. He’s content with play, and I’ve given my heart away.”

Tara: “I’m through confiding in anyone ever!  I told my best friend that her sister’s husband tried to seduce me, and she told her sister, who tried to run me over with her car.”

Lila: “I go after what I want from now on and am no longer waiting on my prince to ride up and swish me away. If I see a guy I like, I tell him, and the rest is up to him. Since I began doing this, I’ve had more dates than ever but nothing has blossomed yet into anything serious.”

Carla: “I finally understand that when a man really cares for a woman, he finds time for her. I will never let another man tell me, he’s too busy to see me as often as he’d like to.  I have learned what that translates to.  ‘I like you okay, but not enough to spend more time with you’.  The key to keeping his attention at a high level is to not too available.  If I’ve learned nothing else, I’ve learned that if a man wants you, he will show it by wanting to be with you.”

Melissa: “If my girlfriends aren’t dating somebody, I don’t discuss what’s going on in my relationships.  This is because they either end up giving bad advice, yawning in boredom, or changing the subject.  Now, I understand why when a woman marries, she surrounds herself with married friends.  She wants someone who can relate to her.”

Cindy: “I no longer bypass red flags. I hat up quickly when I spot crazy. On the first date with this one brother, he announced that he was engaged but still dating other women because he wanted to make sure he was marrying the right woman.  I left him sitting in the restaurant. ”

Tank: “I resent women who display certain attitudes after two weeks of dating when a guy doesn’t do what they think he should. One woman told me she didn’t like the fact that I answered my phone and held conversations while I was with her..”

Russell: “I was out one night for the first time with a five-star sister, who snapped heads when she passed by, but she also snapped her fingers at the waiter and ate continuously from my plate without asking because she didn’t like her food. The next day, after I blocked her number, she sent me an email saying she didn’t like my table manners because I ate with my elbows on the table.”

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