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Single Parenting

4 Easy Ways To Make Extra Money

by Marcy Hawthorne

Every single parent I know wishes and hopes often for a larger income because kids are expensive and there never seems to be enough money to do what needs to be done when you’re raising kids alone.  A second job seems impossible because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time.  But here are some single mothers who have found some easy ways to earn extra cash and it doesn’t require a lot of time.

Doty, who was always good in school with reading, writing, and arithmetic is now earning $20.00 an hour by tutoring kids with learning disabilities.  This fee is charged per kid and she is now up to five kids, three days a week.  She works two hours per night after doing eight hours a day as a legal secretary.  She is raising four boys alone and finds a good use for the extra cash.  Doty got started by putting notices up on school bulletin boards.

Mary Lou is a gourmet cook who works all day as a floral arranger and cooks delectable dinners on the weekends and sells them for $10.00 a plate to 310 of the 560 residents who live in her apartment building.  She is raising two daughters and she got started by putting a notice for home-cooked meals for people too busy to cook, on the bulletin board in the building’s laundry room.

Kathy works full time at a doctor’s office and drives a newspaper route.  She earns over $1,000.00 a month and earns great tips as well.  She has three children and they sometimes help her deliver the papers.  Depending on the size of the route, a carrier can earn at least $200.00 a week for two hours of work a day.  More and more adults are becoming delivery people for major newspapers.

Margie likes talking on the phone in her spare time and she’s raising five girls alone.  When she heard she could earn extra money telemarketing from her home, she jumped at the chance.  Now after working full-time at a department store, she talks on the phone in the evening and earns $9.00 an hour doing market research, sometimes earning over $300.00 a week.  She found the company she works for in the classified section of her local newspaper.

More and more single parents are finding new ways to earn extra income.  One friend takes homemade cookies and sells them every Sunday in front of a mega-church, as the members are exiting services.  She makes an average of $200.00 each Sunday, selling a 5 cookie pack for $5.00 each.


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