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My friend is about to marry my ex-husband and I’m expected to attend the wedding…

by Sarah Smart

May 1, 2018

Q.  For the last two years, one of my childhood friends has been dating my ex-husband and I’ve been pretending I didn’t care.  I still do, but I haven’t told a soul.  Now, they are planning to be married and I haven’t been able to eat or sleep since I heard about it. It has disturbed me so, that I’m thinking about accepting a job out of state.  I can’t bear to see him married to her and I would be expected to be at the wedding.  What do you think?

A.  I think you should forget the past and let go of it. Right now, you need inner peace and if that means moving and removing yourself from the visual aspect of your sorrow, then maybe that’s not a bad idea.  Just make sure you’re going away and not running away.  By the way, in my world, friends don’t marry the ex-husbands of friends, so why should you attend a wedding that you don’t wish to go to, just because someone expects you to.

Q.  I am a registered nurse and I am in love with a guy who’s handsome, kind and generous, but he’s a grave digger.  Whenever we’re out among friends, I am totally embarrassed when he says what he does.  My friends think I’m crazy and their disapproval is obvious.  My family makes snide comments in his presence and a few of my friends have stopped inviting me to their parties. I am very frustrated.  I feel ostracized by the people who are important to me.  I am thinking about ending the relationship because I’m always embarrassed when we’re around others.  When we’re alone, it’s perfect.  What do you think I should do?

A.  I think if you’re an adult, then you need to act like one.  Your choice in a mate should not be made to please family or friends.  Good guys are hard to find and it sounds like you’re about to give one away.  The most important thing is how you feel about him and how he feels about you, not what he does for a living.  Hello!!  BTW…I know a woman who’s engaged to a lawyer who beats her every weekend.

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