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Whenever my boyfriend and I go out, I spend all the money because he claims not to have any.

by Sarah Smart

May 15, 2018

Q.  My boyfriend of four months cries broke all the time because of his “responsibilities.” Whenever we go out, I spend the money.  I do this, so we can be together.  I loaned him $100.00 once, and he never mentioned it again.  I didn’t say anything because I don’t want to do anything to spoil our time together.  However, last week on my birthday, he gave me a beautiful card, no gift and took me to a fast food place for dinner.  I was so hurt, I cried all night.  My friends, who don’t have boyfriends) say he doesn’t really care and I should drop him.  I just don’t want to alone again.  What do you say?

A.  Your friends are right. No real man would always let you pick up the tab, and no real man would pass up the opportunity to treat you good on your birthday.  Wait for someone who will treat you like you wish to be treated.  It will be worth it.  If you play in mud, you’re bound to get dirty.  Get some good soap and wash him out of your hair.

Q.  Recently, I began attending a large church with my cousin and she mentioned a woman at the church who, after many years of singleness has begun dating a fellow member of the church. Their love for each other is apparent through their PDA. The problem is, there’s another woman in the church who he dated before, who rejected him, but, NOW that she sees him with this woman, is doing everything to entice this man away.  She’s a minister who stands at the altar regularly and prays for the people to come to Christ.   So, I ask the question because I’m a new Christian…aren’t the women in the church expected to carry themselves differently when it comes to men, than the women in the clubs?  I see no difference, please help.

A.  Yes, there is an expectation that people who attend church would behave differently than those who don’t. However, your question is relating to a soul issue.  The church is likened to a hospital.  It’s a place where people come for healing and heart changing, but sometimes it’s a slow process.  There are those who are prone to absorb the “prescriptions” given and their light shines bright, while others miss the “treatment” and still wallow in their darkness.

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