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Story Of The Week – Mixed Feelings

by Sierra Silverspoon

Teri had experienced her share of romances which ended on a sour note.  In her final assessment of a relationship gone bad, it seemed she was always the one who cared the most.  Therefore, when Dave came along, with an overabundance of love and care for her, she was awestruck.  She had never met a man who matched her willingness to love and she was excited.  They enjoyed the same things.  He was a hopeless romantic, who loved dim lights and soft music, and he seemed to get extreme pleasure from pleasing her.   She was in love.  And at last, she felt this guy merited her feelings.

Then something happened…Dave became suddenly aloof and mysteriously unavailable.  Teri wracked her mind and soul with speculation and hurt.  “Have I messed up again?” she asked herself.

Dave did not explain his sudden personality change, other than he had a lot on his mind and he was very busy.  The truth was that Dave had suddenly become afraid of his feelings for Teri.  He was falling too fast, and he wasn’t sure if he was ready for the commitment that love demanded.  He wanted to be free, and open to new adventures without guilt.  He started thinking about all the things he didn’t like about Teri.  The way she chewed her food…her proverbial effervescence…her inability to cook…her thin legs.  The list became endless.  He wondered about her sexual freedom.  Was it as easy for her to become intimate with other men, as she had been with him?  (They had made love after only two weeks).

Teri, meanwhile, was calling him daily, barraging him with unanswered questions.  One morning, as she reached for the phone to try him again, she stopped and thought, “Whatever Dave’s going through, I’m not helping him nor can I change it.”  So, she withdrew with a broken heart and pulled out her backup plan.  She was determined to heal, as she’d done in the past.  She buried herself in her work and sought out those things which brought her pleasure.  As usual, she relied on the companionship and camaraderie of her closest friends.  Their friendship sustained her and her tears, as she began to work her way back.  Meanwhile, Dave was relieved that Teri stopped calling.

However, after a few days, he became suddenly curious.  He picked up the phone to call her, but he changed his mind.  Another day passed and she still hadn’t called.  He became alarmed, then angry.  He called her and his anger was intensified by the cheery tone of her voicemail.  It seemed to him that she was okay without him and appeared to have moved on.

Uncontrollably, his feelings spilled out around him.  Suddenly, he didn’t want to lose her…he realized he loved her.  He wondered if it was too late. He dialed her number at work.  As the phone rang, he prayed that she would pick up.  He made a sudden decision to propose marriage when she answered the phone. But she didn’t and her voicemail stated she was gone on vacation for two weeks. He didn’t leave a message.  He didn’t see the point.

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