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Socializing…10 More
Classy Things To Do …

by Sierra Silverspoon

Never tell someone something said about him/her that was unflattering, degrading or maligning, and put it under the banner of friendship or truth-telling. A bad report should never be reported.  After a set-up blind date didn’t work for a cousin,  her “best” friend informed her that the guy said she was too fat.

Only speak your opinion when asked to do so.

Be a secret keeper.

Substitute the word Thanks for Thank You.

Keep your word regardless of how difficult it may be.

Switch out the words, “I apologize” for “I’m sorry.” The words, “I’m sorry” are more heartfelt.  

If someone speaks to you by name, and you don’t remember them, don’t pretend. Say so. “Sorry, I forgot your name” and look them dead in the eye to indicate a genuine interest in knowing who they are.

Don’t name drop unless your father is the chief of police, and you just got stopped for speeding.

If you are a doctor on a social scene, never introduce yourself as such. “I’m Dr. So & So” is only appropriate if your occupation is relevant to the setting.

Pass on the opportunity to repeat gossip of any kind where it involves an enemy.



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