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Story Of The Week

The Dream Buster

by Kerri Miller

The lights were low, the music was soft and I was on Cloud Nine as I sat across the table from a guy who seemed like he was catalog ordered, especially for me, from the Master Matchmaker.  He was tall, handsome, gainfully employed, articulate, and available…or so he said.  My cynicism, which always accompanied me when we were together, was still wagging its finger in my face, telling me to proceed cautiously.

Therefore, I didn’t completely trust him yet, but I liked his hair, his hands, the dimple on his left cheek, and the way he pronounced my name.  I was also thrilled with the way he spent money whenever we went out.  He spared no expense on entertainment, as he escorted me in and out of the best places around town.

We had been seeing each other for over a month and I was ecstatic that we were out again enjoying each other’s company. When his voice broke in on my contented smile and grateful thoughts, I grinned in anticipation of his usual flattery.

“You know, I really like your friend Sandy.  She’s a beautiful woman.  Do you think she’d be interested in the three of us having some fun together in an intimate setting?”

My mouth flew open, but I couldn’t speak.  I was in a state of shock. My facial expression was distorted in disbelief. I couldn’t imagine that this was the same man I had just finished bragging about to my mother.  However, before I could regain my composure to speak, he informed me that he was joking, and he just wanted to see my reaction…but I didn’t believe him.  My instincts told me to excuse myself from the table, but I rationalized that my leaving would be overreacting and rude.  After all, he had been so generous.  At that moment, we were sitting in a booth in a five-star restaurant drinking imported champagne to cap off a seven-course meal.

 I decided to make a strong attempt to relax, as I tried to regain the posture I’d had before his remark.  However, I couldn’t concentrate, because deep down in my gut, I knew he had tested me with serious intention and I resented it.

When he asked a second time if I was upset, I lied and said no.  I tried to explain that I was more stunned than upset, but my eyes belied my statement, and he knew the truth.  For the first time in four weeks, I was able to look past his hazel eyes and that sexy mustache and see the cunning in his face.

I decided at that moment that this night would be the last time I would see him.  I decided to tell him when he took me home.  However, after we ordered dessert, he answered his cell phone and informed me that he had a sudden emergency and had to leave.  He paid the bill, gave me a $50.00 bill for a taxi, apologized for having to go, and walked out of the restaurant after planting a peck on my cheek.

I never heard from him again.   Ironically, two months later I ran into him and my friend Sandy together at a basketball game. He smiled and spoke. She didn’t.


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