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The Dating Chronicles


Marshay was really feeling blue.  She knew she shouldn’t have come to her friend’s wedding.  Weddings always affected her, regardless of who was getting married.  She fought the feelings of envy that surged through her mind.  But she was happy for Sally.  She just felt sorry for herself.

She was 35 and still unmarried, a state with which she had recently become obsessed.  She thought about how hard it was to meet someone nice and she felt like crying right there in the church.  Her pastor’s last sermon flashed through her mind as she waited for the ceremony to begin.  “Wait on the Lord and He shall bring it to pass…and sometimes He brings it on suddenly.”  “Ask Him for whatever you want and you shall have it..”  “God’s time is not man’s time…”

But I’ve asked the Lord over and over again to send me somebody to love, she thought, as she fidgeted in the pew.  How long must I wait?

Just then, a hand touched her shoulder forcing her out of her cocoon.  “Marshay,” her girlfriend Charlie whispered. “I want you to meet Bill’s brother, Brad.  He just moved here from Philadelphia and he’s cute and single.”  You’ll love him,” she giggled.  “Here he comes!  “Smile!”

Marshay shrugged and raised her eyes in anticipation of being disappointed by yet another stranger.  But instead, their eyes touched…and lingered…while waves tossed in her stomach.  She smiled as she gazed into the most handsome face she had ever seen. 

When they were introduced, his deep voice sounded like music and his smile was hypnotic.

Her grandmother’s words now echoed in her mind as she reached out to acknowledge the hand of a destined love…”God never fails.  He always comes in the most desperate times and blesses us with our heart’s desire.” Six months later, Marshay and Brad were married in the same church.


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