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The Dating Chronicles

The Message

Dani:  Dani was beside herself as she stared across the table at her blind date. She had finally met a man who suited her tastes. As she looked closer, she was glad she had come. The candlelight at the table gave his face a warm glow as she leaned in to hear his every word.   

The restaurant had been his choice, and he seemed quite accustomed to the elegant surroundings. As she sat mesmerized, she was especially struck by his smooth manner and his sparkling teeth.  It seemed her taste in men had finally been satisfied. She also liked his name…Nathan.

For the first time in a while, she found herself feeling relaxed as she shared her likes and dislikes with this handsome stranger. His hands looked like he knew how to hold a woman and she could tell he liked her by the way he looked at her. 

She loved a man who knew how to listen, as she spoke openly of an unfaithful ex-husband, envious friends, and her success as a lawyer. At last, she had met her match, (he was a physician) and she was excited about the possibilities.


Nathan: As Dani talked, Nathan’s mind drifted as he silently wished for dessert to come. He was ready for the evening to end, but he didn’t want to be impolite. He had decided after the first thirty minutes that she wasn’t his type. She was too pretentious for his tastes.  She had the most beautiful eyes, but she was not what he was looking for. He preferred women who did not have stars in their eyes and appeared to be looking for a man to rescue them from an unhappy existence.

When he interrupted her chatter and suggested an abrupt close to the evening because of an early morning commitment, she got the message.   As she drove home in solemn disappointment, she wondered if it was something she said.


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